Driver Qualification

Commercial Driver qualification can be a daunting task. With constant regulatory changes and heavy fines for non-compliance, you have to ask yourself if this function is a good use of your company’s resources. Our QualGuard-PlusSM Commercial Driver Qualification Services will save your company valuable time, money, and resources.

  • Complete commercial driver qualification services in one package:
    • All Drug & Alcohol Testing Services included.
    • Biennial DOT Physical Certification and Recertification included.
    • MVRs (Driving Record Checks) included
    • All past employment, safety and drug testing history checks included.
    • Complete DQ File created. All documents customized for your company.
    • Ongoing monitoring of expiring documents


  • No membership fees, annual fees or company setup fees.
  • Financially scalable. Single monthly price per driver. You only pay for as few, or as many drivers as you have.
  • Updates on all changes to regulatory requirements. We keep you up to date with all of the regulatory changes so that you can focus on your business.