Employment Screening

Hiring employees in today’s environment can be a grueling task. Not only do you have to find qualified candidates, but you must also ensure they don’t have a past that may come back and haunt you later.

  • Trial attorneys make their living off targeting companies who hire employees with criminal or sex offender backgrounds. Ensure your company doesn’t have a ticking time bomb in its ranks.
  • Our employment screening services are the most comprehensive in the nation. We don’t just suck data out of state databases and spit it out to you. We review and transcribe all records to ensure accuracy, and a reader friendly format. Whether you’re running a criminal screening in New York or Alaska, you won’t need a decoder book to understand our reports.
  • If conflicting information is found in records we contact the jurisdiction to confirm the accuracy of the information – before we report it to you.
  • Single price for all screening types. No vault fees, transmission fees, or review fees. You pay a single low rate regardless of the jurisdiction of origin.