Considering Workplace Drug Testing?

Many employers have reservations about beginning a workplace drug and alcohol testing program. They worry about the costs of a program; intrusion on employees personal liberties; disruption of workplace morale; inability to recruit employees; along with many other concerns.

The reality is none of these concerns ever materialize. In fact, quite the opposite occurs. When setting up a company with a new program it is almost universal that long-term employees say, “it’s about time”. You as an employer may not know who the users are in your crew, but I can guaranteed you your employees do. And your good employees don’t appreciate the fact that they are being paid the same as their less productive counterparts. In most cases your good employees are taking up the slack for the users and getting nothing in return. In serious cases good employees quit because they don’t want to be part of that culture.

The benefits of a comprehensive workplace are huge both from an operational and financial standpoint. A comprehensive program can:

  • Significantly reduce workplace accidents
  • Significantly reduce Worker’s Compensation premiums
  • Significantly reduce workplace theft
  • Significantly reduce employee absenteeism
  • Significantly reduced employee tardiness
  • Significantly improved employee morale
  • Provide higher product and service quality

When you review the successes of quality companies, you almost always find a comprehensive workplace drug and alcohol testing program in place.